Purves Neuroscience 5th Edition PDF [Latest Edition]

Free Download Purves Neuroscience 5th Edition PDF eBook for medical students. It is very useful for all NCLEX, BDS, MD and other state level examinations. Moreover, it is very useful for various entrance examinations and college level exams. Read on to find more details and PDF download link.

Purves Neuroscience 5th Edition PDF

Purves Neuroscience Book Description

Purves Neuroscience is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook on the structure and function of the nervous system. This fifth edition has been thoroughly updated to include the latest research and discoveries in the field, and is an essential resource for students, researchers, and professionals in neuroscience and related fields.

The book covers a wide range of topics, from the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural signaling to the organization and function of neural systems, and includes numerous full-color illustrations, diagrams, and photographs to enhance understanding.

Book Details

TitlePurves Neuroscience
AuthorDale Purves, George J. Augustine, David Fitzpatrick, William C. Hall, Anthony-Samuel LaMantia, James O. McNamara
Size10.9 x 1.4 x 9.5 inches

Contents of the Book

  1. Cells of the Nervous System
  2. Membrane Potentials and Action Potentials
  3. Ion Channels and Transporters
  4. Synaptic Transmission
  5. Neurotransmitter Systems
  6. Intracellular Signaling
  7. Overview of Sensory Transduction
  8. Somatosensation
  9. Vision
  10. Audition
  11. Olfaction and Taste
  12. Development of the Nervous System Part 2: Systems Neuroscience
  13. Motor Systems
  14. The Cerebral Cortex
  15. The Thalamus
  16. The Visual System
  17. The Auditory System
  18. The Olfactory System
  19. The Gustatory System
  20. The Somatosensory System
  21. The Autonomic Nervous System and the Hypothalamus
  22. The Limbic System
  23. The Cerebellum
  24. The Basal Ganglia and Related Structures
  25. The Retina and the Visual Pathways
  26. The Cochlea and the Auditory Pathways
  27. Functional Neural Systems and Behavior.

About the Author

Dale Purves is a distinguished professor of neuroscience at Duke University Medical Center. He has authored numerous scientific publications and is also the author of several other textbooks on neuroscience, including Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroscience, 6th edition.

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